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Reasons Why We Paddle

Unless you have had your head under a rock for the past year or have been

stranded in the middle of a desert, you have probably noticed more and more people getting into water sports.

Seems like every second car has a roof rack now or something in tow and those that don't, most likely have car boots full of watersport paraphernalia - well actually maybe that last one is possibly just me.

It's the "just in case we are out and it's sunny and we are near water - we need to be prepared" box.

I think that's the ex scout in me?

In any case, we are sure you've noticed the exponential growth in the number of Stand Up Paddleboards you are seeing around.

And why is this sport so popular? Is it the next big thing since sea swimming and dry robes!?

Well, we decided to make a list - who doesn't love a good list.

There are so many reasons why folks are drawn to SUP, so we are going to highlight just a few of our favourites.

Come one come all

There is no ageism when it comes to SUP. It really is for everyone, young and old. You don't need to be an Olympian either. It can be as relaxed or as strenuous as you want it to be within reason. It truly is a sport for all. Furry friends included 🐶

It's not about the money money money...

This is a big one for us. Standup Paddle Boarding is unlike any other sport in the sense that it doesn't cost the sun and moon to get kitted out with what you need.

Firstly, before you do invest, there are plenty of places to rent a board from at very affordable prices, even to do a lesson to see if it is something that you will enjoy.

And, if you fall for it hook line and sinker, as most do, then getting your own board and accessories really does not have to be that expensive.

There is such a wide variety of board types and brands to choose from.

We would always advise leaning towards a reputable brand. We all know the expression 'buy cheap buy twice' and no one wants to fall victim to this.

On the road again

When there was a 5km restriction of movement, we made sure that we explored every cm of our zone and luckily for us, ours included flat water.

We used that space to get on the boards and get on the water to escape that suffocating feeling of restricted movement. Paddling helped us escape and discover more of our surroundings that we hadn't really seen before.

Once that restriction was lifted we wanted to explore even further afield and that's what we have done and will continue to do. Every river, lake, canal or beach/pier/harbour that we can get to, we will try to paddle where possible, because - well why not!

Just breathe

For me, personally, one of my favourite things about paddleboarding is the de-stressing element.

I love that when life gets a little hectic I can take the board, throw it in the back of the car and head down to the water. Obviously weather dependant - but I'm sure you get where I coming from. Its unlike other sports in that I am not restricted to a time or having to rely on a club or specific numbers to enjoy a paddle.

Paddling on the water gives me peace of mind and brings a sense of calm that I don't get from other activities. I always feel fulfilled after a paddle and like I've accomplished something for myself. So that's a win 🏆

Let's get down to business

So here's the 'science'. Stand Up Paddle Boarding is actually a great way to get some cardio in. Even better - it's low impact. You work your core, back, arms and legs. It is quite a gentle way to exercise the body and can help fortify the joints like your ankles and knees and help with balance. It is actually great for anyone recovering from injuries to these areas and trying to build back strength also. So while doing something you love you're also ticking the exercise box too!

Level up

Here is the thing, if you want to be a recreational paddler and enjoy relaxed paddling and exploration, that is great go for it, but for those who want something a little more......intense, there is also a much tougher experience available.

A whole world of competitive paddling and this is not for the faint-hearted!

There really is something for everybody.

Let us all unite

Something else we have noticed in the last year is something really special

developing and that is a sense of community within paddleboarding. We have seen groups grow and flourish and bring together like-minded individuals all over the country. In a time where we have been forced apart, this really is something beautiful to witness. It's a sport that is bringing people back together from all walks of life to share in something special. It's being social but in a different kind of way.

And there you have it - 7 reasons why we love SUP.

We would love to hear more about why you Paddle so drop us a line to share and we can share it across our channels.

We know - you know - but we always have to mention it - when paddleboarding always stay safe - wear a PFD, bring a phone cover, wear your leash, let someone know where you are going - better yet read our safety blog it covers it all.

But most importantly enjoy this sport, embrace it, move and grow with it. For us, Happiness is SUP and the below kind of fits that mindset!


"Happiness is not a state to arrive at but a manner of travelling"



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