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Inflatable Paddle Board Winter Storage

look after it and it will look after you”.

I'm pretty sure this expression has come out in every Irish household at least once.

This is most certainly the case when it comes to your inflatable stand up paddle board and SUP winter storage.

For a lot of people, there comes a time every year when they will choose to pack up their paddle board for the winter months, especially in our Irish climate.

How long do inflatable paddle boards last?

Well we know nothing lasts forever, however, storing an inflatable SUP correctly will do wonders for its longevity. This along with ensuring you are buying a quality brand and you are taking care of it during those months of high usage.

However, neglecting to create the correct storage environment for your SUP could lead to serious (and even irreversible) damage to your board.

If you have any damage we recommend getting this repaired ahead of storage. You will find information on where to go for repairs on our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

How to store your SUP for winter

Firstly make sure your paddleboard is clean and DRY

Now usually, a once -over with the hose and soft bristle brush will work to remove any saltwater or grime from the water and surroundings.

But when thinking about storage - your board will be sitting for months at a time and this requires a little extra cleaning ahead of your boards hibernation!

You will need some soap, a bucket of warm water or hose, and a sponge or cloth, whichever you prefer. We suggest a non - abrasive soap, perhaps a washing up liquid of your choice.

You can also buy a vinyl cleaner if you’re feeling flush. This has been our go-to when it comes to removing any sort of grime, grease, salt, sand, or algae. SUP Scrub is a well know good option.

Don't have a hose or a back garden? Cleaning boards in the shower has been done before, but make sure there's nothing on there that will block your drain when hosed down! Loosely coil the board on its side and use the shower hose to rinse. Not ideal but if you have no alternative you've got to get creative! Once you have all the tools, give your inflatable paddle board a good soak with fresh water. Then, grab your sponge and go to crazy!

Make sure to clean in the fin boxes, on the deck pad, and the valve stem removing any extra debris. Give it a really good cleaning and remove any excess soap after you are done.

If you happen to have any obvious scuffs or marks, we suggest using a Eraser sponge. These usually do the trick when it comes to black streaks or even paddle scuffs on the rails of your paddle board.

Once you have completed these steps, make sure your board is 100% dry. This is a very important step so when we say 100%...we mean it. SO wait and wait until that board is bone dry.

If there is moisture trapped for the duration of storage you run the risk of developing mold and mildew which can stain the foam deck pad. It won’t ruin your board completely but trying to remove mold and mildew will be a whole new chore in itself. And one that can be easily avoided.

Can I store my paddle board outside?

Storing your paddle board in direct sunlight is a huge no-no. Even when heading down to the water for a day, we’d recommend you keep your board in the shade until you’re ready to use it. Not only will sunlight do an excellent job of fading the colours and design on your board, it can also cause damage to the seams – which can be costly to fix.

Our advice, always try to find an indoor solution. Choose somewhere away from direct sunlight and under a controlled temperature. Your board will be safe in anything from 5°C– 30°C.

Should I store my board inflated or deflated?

We’d strongly recommend that you store your paddle board deflated.

After you’ve fully deflated it, try to loosely fold your SUP. Be sure not to fold your inflatable paddle board too tightly as this will cause creases and weaken the seams.

Ensure that your folded board is stored out of the way, so you don’t have to repeatedly move it when not in use.

If you board has a bag put it to bed in the bag, this will help protect the exposed edges from any wear and tear when being moved around.

Another tip - keep your fins and leashes which have also been washed and dried correctly together with your board, that way when the season of paddling rolls in again you won't be in a mad panic to find all the bits!

Almost Winter ready! Where can I store my SUP?

By now you taken the necessary steps to show your paddle boards some TLC. You should be confident that you won't have any nasty surprises when it comes to getting back on the water with your board.

Now you just need a good spot to use for storage. Personally, I have stored my boards under beds or the bottom section of a wardrobe. The key element is that you find a dry and relatively warm area. Avoid the hot press or similar areas that may become very warm, and you will be fine.

If you have followed the simple instructions, you should have no issues and your board will thank you with years and years of use.

Premium Stand up paddle boards can be a big investment in some cases so we really encourage people to follow the above steps to ensure that they get many a year from their boards.

Thinking of investing in a paddle board? We have plenty of options available to suit all types of paddlers, For those short on space our compact boards are an excellent choice as they pack away and are very easily stored when not in use.

If you still find yourself with questions not mentioned above, please feel free to contact us directly or through social media and we will point you in the right direction.

Happy paddling



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