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About Us

Welcome to Paddle Boards Ireland, your foremost family-owned, Irish source for exceptional stand up paddleboard (SUP) equipment and advice. Our aspiration is to guide you through the amazing universe of paddleboarding, offering an array of inflatable and hardboard paddleboards and accessories tailored to individuals and familial voyages.

Our founder, Jonathan Power, is a seasoned expert in the sphere of water sports, carrying over 30 years of expansive experience. A mentor to both novices and champions, Jonathan now invests his expertise in helping individuals navigate Ireland’s incredible waters with the suitable paddleboard gear. He is frequently seen enjoying the tranquil Irish waters, paddling alongside his family, absorbing the breathtaking beauty of the surroundings.

“Unlock the adventure of Ireland’s landscapes through Stand Up Paddleboarding! It’s a unique endeavour, excellent for individual explorers or family adventures, serving as a safe, approachable, and economical means to integrate fitness with exploration,” 

Jonathan values personal interaction and says, “I’d rather chat with every customer to ensure we match them with the right equipment. It’s essential to understand individual needs and preferences to guarantee a supreme SUP experience.”

Paddle Boards Ireland is resolved to connect you with the ultimate board, promising a seamless and memorable adventure. Explore our online store to view our extensive selection of SUPs, all dispatched with free delivery nationwide and protected by a 2-year warranty.

Should you seek bespoke guidance or have specific questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us via call or email.

We are on standby to aid you in initiating your paddleboarding journey with the optimal board, promising an unforgettable experience across the enchanting Irish waters!

About SUP

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