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Do you have a need for speed!

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Here at Paddle Boards Ireland many of the questions we get both online and in-person tend to be regarding board types and which board is best for different individuals. The answer is normally quite straightforward. For this Blog post, we are going to focus on All-round or Touring.

First A few things to consider

Are you new to SUP?

Plan to paddle on flat water?

Nervous about falling in?

Are you looking to surf or explore?

Or are you looking to paddle further, faster, and want something that really pushes your comfort level as you encounter various waterways?

Once you have answered those questions you can narrow down your search!

Knowing the difference between paddleboard styles and shapes plus their pros and cons will help you decide what is right for you.

Let's look at All-Round vs Touring

Touring Board

The Touring stand-up paddleboard shape will generally have a pointed nose, like a kayak, and is designed for longer, more fast-paced flat-water paddles. The pointed nose is known as a displacement hull. It will provide you with higher efficiency and performance.

In other words, you can track straighter (more strokes before changing sides) and quicker (fewer strokes to achieve a smooth glide) across the water.

Touring boards are best for speed, and covering long distances.

The touring shape is great for

  • Longer paddles and coastal trips

  • River cruising

  • Distance flatwater paddling

  • If you want to focus more on your performance on your paddleboard.

  • If you’re a serious paddler that wants to get from point A to point B more efficiently then the touring shape is right for you.

  • Levelling Up! If you have mastered the balance of an all-round sup and are looking for something more challenging, a touring board is the next step.

The All-round

The All-round paddleboard shape has a round nose, known as a planing hull, and is designed for cruising on flat water, rivers and SUP surfing.

The All-Around shape has a little rocker, meaning the paddle board’s nose is raised slightly out of the water. This will push water down while lifting the nose up. This makes the All Around the perfect board to help you handle any waves or chop that come your way.

This board shape is wider than the touring which makes it slightly easier to balance on and to manoeuvre. This is one reason the All-round shape is a great option for beginner paddleboarders. However, because of the wider, bulkier hull at the front of the board and the overall size of these boards, they aren’t the best choice for speed or distance paddling.

The All-round shape is great for:

  • Recreational paddle boarding. This shape is the best choice paddle board for beginners and if you only plan to use your paddle board for recreational purposes. For example, a gentle-moderate paced paddle around the lake, canal or the sea with a few friends. Another plus is that with the wider planing hull you can bring your furry friends for a ride on the water with you!

  • You plan on using it for yoga, fishing and SUP surfing. The best thing about the All-round shape is that it’s a great option for a variety of different SUP activities. Whether you decide to do flatwater paddling or take it on some rougher water with waves and bumps. You can use it to paddle your local spot one day, then take it out for a peaceful yoga flow the next.

So what does that mean really?

If you like speed and precision a touring board may be your go-to, if you want something a bit more leisurely an all-round may be better suited for you.

Factors to consider when choosing a SUP board

  • The thickness of the board - helps with weight and buoyancy

  • The width of the board - narrower is often faster - wider is more stable.

  • Whether you prefer short, medium or longboards. Keep your height and weight in mind.

  • What type of water do you plan to paddle? Open ocean vs flat water. Straight courses vs. lots of turns.

The touring board models tend to be high volume and almost as wide as all-round boards.

Do not be but off from this model as a first board as many people tend to move on to this type of board very quickly.

My first board was a touring board and it didn’t take any more time to master than an allrounder. It was the correct choice for me at the time.

At Paddle Boards Ireland we try not to pick favourites, we do really love them all, it just depends on the type of paddle experience you are looking for!

If you haven't already seen our Video on these two particular Boards please check it out and let us know what your preference is!



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